How to choose the right bag in accordance with the shape and height

Many women use bags that go badly with the proportions of their figure. For example, you can often see when a miniature woman uses too large a bag that looks, literally, like a travel bag.

It is worth noting that quite large bags do not go to a single woman, as with large women they only reinforce this effect. It also happens that a large and full woman chooses a miniature clutch that also looks unnatural, with an emphasis on her figure. The same can be said about individual parts of the body: if a wide bag is placed at the level of the wide hips or shoulders, this effect will increase, drawing attention to the problem area.

Pick up a bag that will emphasize the dignity of a woman, you can, following the rules. For example:

низкая средняя и высокая женщина

  • Low-rise women are more likely to have bags on a long narrow belt; moreover, the greater the woman’s fullness, the wider the belt should be. The maximum dimensions of a women's bag in this case should not exceed 20 cm. With wide hips, it is better to prefer a bag with a vertical orientation, with vertical decorative elements, for example, a contrast stripe.

    For women of medium height, the maximum bag size is limited to 35 cm. Such women look good on bags of medium length, worn by the armpit, except for the presence of wide shoulders and large breasts, in these cases the bag should be worn at the hips. If the hips are wide, then you can buy a bag for carrying it on the crook of the elbow joint.

    And at last, bags of horizontal orientation will be suitable for women of high growth when its width slightly exceeds height. Carrying bags on your belt is undesirable, as it will visually increase growth, it is better to wear it on your elbow or just in your hand, that is, you should pay attention to the bags in short handles.

For women of any height, there are general principles for determining the type of figure.

типы женских фигур

  • So, for women with the type of “hourglass”, handbags with waist level position are perfect, which underlines this dignity.

    If the figure is "triangular" type, or "pear", then the optimal place for the bag is the armpit.

    For the figure "apple" you need to focus on the hips, to slightly balance the width of the shoulders. Therefore, bags should be chosen volumetric and placed in the hips: on a long strap or elbow. In this case, the wearing of a long belt can be one-sided or diagonal, but if a woman has large breasts, then you should choose a one-sided option.

    Consider a female figure in the form of a rectangle, the owners of which can not boast of smooth curves of forms. However, this function can be assigned to a women's bag, for example, to choose a model of a rounded shape, with an unusual cut, from soft materials, and in no case do not acquire bags of rectangular or square shape.

    The “round” figure is distinguished by narrow shoulders and hips and, at the same time, also by the lack of a waist. Owners of this type should not focus on the central part of the figure, it is best to place the bag below the hips, i.e., to carry it in your hands at the knee level. The design of the bag is better to choose vertical orientation.

    As a result, we can conclude that the choice of bag should take into account the possibility of opposing the figure to the drawbacks and visual correction of problem areas: for women with rounded shapes - bags with graphic design and vice versa, place the bag not at the level of problem areas, but there, where you want to add volume. Also, the vertical and horizontal orientation of the women's bag should take into account the overall appearance of the figure.

    Well, as a nice bonus, you can add that you should not be afraid to buy bright, interesting, combined, unusual bags that attract attention and can be a wonderful addition to the image in appropriate colors or become a contrasting addition to a discreet monochrome along. The emphasis on original details can distract from any flaws and emphasize the individuality of each woman.