Clutches: what to wear and how to choose an elegant small bag

What is a clutch?

Clutch is a handbag, which is mainly carried in the hand. The name of the accessory comes from the English word "clutch" (translated as "to embrace", "compress"). That is how it is worn - comfortably wrapped around the arm.


If you need to create an elegant image, stylists will always advise using a clutch. A bulky bag can be more spacious, but it is a miniature version of the accessory that will help give a girl an aristocratic look.


The classic version of the clutch is a simple thin handbag, sometimes equipped with a chain (more often - without belts). It can be worn, both in hand and over the shoulder. Other forms of this product are also available today: tube, box, rectangle with brass knuckles for wearing. From materials can be used genuine leather, leather substitutes, fabric, metal, plastic. The decoration used spikes, rivets or rhinestones.


A standard clutch has a small size: it can fit only the most necessary things (mirror, car keys, money, telephone). Modern accessories are made in various sizes and can resemble both a regular wallet and a very bulky bag, but without a strap.


Clutches and wallets: are there any differences?

It is believed that the clutch is a handbag, but some models of modern wallets sometimes even exceed it in size. This accessory may look like a wallet, but often it is equipped with a special strap, chain or handles, unlike the latter. In addition, a miniature product usually has 1-2 compartments, whereas in a wallet there are many different pockets.

What to wear with?

Depending on the model, it can be easily combined with both evening and casual wear. Stylish handbags are perfect for festive dresses, and jeans, and office suits.

Evening dress

Clutch under the dress "on the way out" can have shiny jewelry, sequins, embroidery or appliqué. A lacquer or suede accessory will be appropriate for the celebration. Fringed models look very advantageous, and evening clutches of silver or gold color will make a beautiful accent. The more luxurious the gown is, the more modest the accessory should be.

Знаменитости с вечерними клатчами

Casual outfit

Clutches made of fabric, perfect for ordinary casual clothes. Handbags of the classical form without excesses are an ideal variant. Under the fluffy skirt or dress, you can choose a model in the form of a bag, with a dress-case it will be well combined with a product of strict form.

Повседневные клатчи от Луи Виттон

Business attire

A strict rectangular clutch will be appropriate for an office suit. He will emphasize the seriousness of the dress and help create the perfect business image. Stylists advise for classic office suits to choose leather models in black.

Клатчи к деловому наряду


Some brands produce special winter collections of clutches in which handbags are made of fur or with a decor in the form of fur inserts. Usually these accessories are soft and voluminous. Winter version of the bag goes well with a fur vest.

Клатчи к зимней одежде

As for shoes, according to the latest fashion trends, it is not necessary to choose an accessory to match shoes or boots. The main thing - it must be in harmony with the created image, while you can choose jewelry, a scarf or a blouse of the same color with a handbag.